Cardiac Oncology Care

Cardiac Oncology Care

Our cardiologists at the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute work together with a multidisciplinary team of doctors trained in cancer conditions (oncologists), blood disorders (hematologists), and others to provide comprehensive, coordinated care for people with cancer who may need heart care as well. In this coordinated approach, evaluation and a treatment plan can often be developed in days.

The goal of the team is to ensure people can receive the most appropriate cancer therapy, while minimizing risk of heart complications and treating any heart conditions. Our cardiologists evaluate and treat heart conditions before, during or after cancer therapy as needed.

Who is appropriate for cardiology care prior to, during, or after cancer treatment? It includes those who:

  • Have a high risk of heart disease
  • Have existing heart disease
  • Develop heart disease or heart complications after cancer therapy

Services provided by a cardiologist may include:

  • Consultations with physicians regarding patients at high risk of heart disease or who have existing heart disease prior to administration of cancer therapy
  • Providing treatment for patients prior to, during, or after cancer treatment
  • Monitoring of patients before and during cancer therapy with regular imaging tests and blood tests to look for signs of heart complications
  • Screening and monitoring and treatment for patients who develop heart complications during cancer therapy as a result of taking certain chemotherapy drugs or receiving radiation therapy to the chest area
  • Treating heart conditions or complications that may develop after cancer therapy due to specific chemotherapy drugs or radiation therapy to the chest area
  • Providing lifestyle coaching for people after cancer therapy, such as making lifestyle changes to help reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain health, including eating a heart-healthy diet and exercise
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