Men's Care

Men's Healthcare from Head to Toe

MarinHealth offers a broad spectrum of men’s care through our unique Men’s Care Program. Ours is the only North Bay program to offer personalized care for men with a focus on urologic conditions, as well as overall health. This program is a collaboration among leading specialists in Urology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, and Behavioral Health.

When people hear the term “Men’s Health” they tend to think of things like erectile dysfunction (ED), prostate hyperplasia, or Peyronie’s disease. The truth is, gender factors into a wide variety of health issues, and urologic issues may be connected to other medical conditions. For example, a common problem like ED may in fact be linked to hypertension, elevated cholesterol, or even type 2 diabetes.

Our services lead with urology, as that is often the trigger that brings men in to see a physician. Our urologists then confer with other specialists needed, based on a thorough assessment of a patient’s overall health. If we do refer to one of the partnering specialists in our network, we ensure the transition is smooth and stay in close contact to collaborate on your care. Should hospital services be needed, we provide seamless access to leading-edge technology and treatments at MarinHealth Medical Center.

Our Physicians

Board-certified and fellowship-trained in their respective specialties, all of our physicians have a particular interest in men’s health issues. They share a collaborative, patient-centric, evidence-based philosophy of care. Our physicians take advantage of every visit to connect the dots between specific symptoms and a man’s broader health picture, offering seamless partner referrals to other key specialists, as needed.

The Physicians below are the leaders and founders of our Men’s Care Program: