New State-of-the-Art Hybrid Operating Room Unveiled at MarinHealth Medical Center

Author: Jill Kinney, MarinHealth
New State-of-the-Art Hybrid Operating Room Unveiled at MarinHealth Medical Center

Today, MarinHealth’s Haynes Cardiovascular Institute unveiled its new hybrid operating room, a surgical suite that combines the best tools of a traditional operating setting with advanced imaging technology. It offers advanced technology to provide real-time images for guidance during complex cardiovascular and vascular procedures.

(From left: Dr. Arun Raghupathy, Dr. Ramon Partida, Dr. Brian Strunk, Dr. Laura Pak,
Dr. Tina Desai, Dr. Allan Conway, and Dr. David Klein - MarinHealth CEO)

With MarinHealth’s new hybrid operating room, interventional specialists and surgeons can perform open surgeries and minimally invasive procedures in the same setting. This facilitates increasingly complex procedures, reducing the need for multiple surgeries and hospital visits, which results in shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries, and improved outcomes.

“We are ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation,” said MarinHealth CEO David Klein, MD. “We are pushing the boundaries of medicine in ways that help to provide exceptional care and a better patient experience for patients right here in the North Bay.”

Hybrid operating rooms are often used for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions, such as valvular heart disease, structural and congenital heart disease, complex aortic aneurysms and dissections, coronary artery disease, and heart rhythm disorders. In addition, the hybrid OR can also be effectively utilized for handling traumatic injuries in both orthopedic and emergency care situations.

“The hybrid operating room is a breakthrough for our physicians and our patients who need complex and multidisciplinary interventions,” said interventional cardiologist Ramon Partida, MD. “It allows multiple interventional and surgical specialists to work alongside each other, performing percutaneous, minimally invasive endovascular and cardiac procedures in one state-of-the-art operating room. This approach can save valuable time when a life is on the line.”

“The hybrid room technology utilizes the most advanced imaging capabilities possible, and we have it here in Marin. We can now combine open surgery and minimally invasive procedures more concisely while reducing radiation and contrast exposure to the patient and staff. This new environment will certainly facilitate our interventionalists, surgeons, and radiologists to address much more complex cases. Hence, a myriad of procedures can now be performed in a more streamlined fashion, ultimately providing the best outcome for the patient,” commented vascular surgeon Allan Conway, MD.

The new hybrid OR was made possible by the community of grateful patients and loyal hospital supporters who raised $5.2 million of the approximate $11 million needed to build this new state-of-the-art operating room.

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