Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation

Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation

A Heart Disease Treatment Program

Traditional cardiac rehabilitation includes three phases. Phase I happens at the patient’s bedside at our Haynes Cardiovascular Institute during recovery from a cardiac event. Patients take Phase II and Phase III on an outpatient basis, in a supportive health team environment. This exercise-based program follows safety-specific guidelines for heart patients, with an emphasis on increasing strength and stamina. Participants receive education and coaching to help them eat right, lose weight, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and reduce stress. In keeping with our program’s lifestyle focus, our team includes a medical director, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, exercise physiologist, fitness coaches, and registered dietician nutritionists. Patients enrolled in our program receive the following:

  • An individualized exercise program to improve fitness and strength
  • Symptom awareness education
  • Medical supervision provided during Phase II and then on an as-needed basis
  • Cardiac risk factor assessment including individualized goals
  • Basic nutrition overview
  • Post-program community resource guidance

Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation Schedule

A physician referral is required to start cardiac rehabilitation. Outside referrals are accepted if the patient goes through an initial cardiac assessment by a cardiologist prior to starting rehabilitation classes. For program information or class schedule call 1-415-927-6177.

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