Integrative Wellness

Integrative Wellness

At MarinHealth Medical Center, we are committed to treating chronic and acute conditions with leading-edge, evidence-based conventional medicine. However, caring for the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, can require more than traditional medicine. That’s why, in keeping with our philosophy of patient-centric care, we take a holistic approach that weaves integrative therapies into the patient’s overall healing plan.

Our Integrative Wellness Center supports patients in many ways:

  • Promoting prevention and wellness
  • Empowering patients as partners in their own care
  • Activating the body’s innate healing powers
  • Reinforcing conventional medicine during illness and injury
  • Inspiring the development of self-care skills

Integrative Health & Wellness Services

A rich variety of services, from acupuncture to smoking cessation, are available to patients and community members looking to optimize their health and total sense of well being.

Classes & Events

Our Integrative Wellness Center hosts, sponsors, and facilitates ongoing classes and events. In addition to services and support for our patients, we also offer support for the family members and caregivers of our cancer patients.

Patient Resources

Looking for support groups? Need financial assistance? Wondering how to prepare for your visit and what to bring? We've compiled a list of helpful resources for our patients and their families!

Supportive Care

Resources are available for people who need help managing a chronic illness, caring for a loved one, navigating the healthcare system, or making plans for their healthcare in the long-term through our Supportive Care Center.

A Little History

Back in 1995, oncologist Dr. David Gullion was inspired to create an Integrative Oncology Program to support cancer patients along their healing journey. Some offerings, such as massage or acupuncture, would help patients relax and manage pain and discomfort. Other services, such as guided imaging or meditation, would make them feel more centered and serene. Yoga would help patients maintain fitness and flexibility, while nutritional counseling would help patients adjust to chemo-related taste changes.

Fifteen years later, what began as a support program for cancer patients became our Integrative Wellness Center, with Dr. Gullion serving as the very first medical director. Since his retirement, Dr. Kristin Anderson has stepped into this role and continues to build on Dr. Gullion’s original vision.