Primary Care

MarinHealth Primary Care

At MarinHealth, we believe in the power of prevention to help you stay healthy. That means living a healthy lifestyle and getting regular checkups from your primary care physician, or PCP. This is the doctor in charge of your overall health – the doctor who specializes in you.

The Role of Your PCP

  • Treats the majority of your medical issues, from strep throat to GERD
  • Helps you manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes
  • Coordinates essential screenings and regular exams
  • Keeps you up to date on any necessary immunizations or booster shots
  • Advises you on making healthy lifestyle choices so you can stay well
  • Provides referrals and access to the vast resources of MarinHealth

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine doctors focus on adults and are specially trained in the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. An internal medicine physician is considered a generalist in Adolescent Medicine, Allergy and Immunology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Oncology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, and Sports Medicine.

Family Medicine

Family medicine physicians see patients of all ages, from newborn to elderly, so your whole family can receive care from one expert! Family medicine physicians receive three years of specialty training in inpatient and outpatient medicine – this includes procedural and pediatric training with an emphasis on behavioral science and patient communication.

Pediatric Care

Infants, children, and adolescents go through a number of physical and mental changes in a short amount of time. Pediatricians are PCPs trained to handle the unique needs of patients during this time of rapid growth. They focus on diseases and disorders that are common during childhood and adolescence. These include both physical and mental conditions—from asthma and allergies to ADHD and other behavioral health disorders.

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatricians are physicians specially trained to work with patients ages 65 and up. Medical needs often increase during senior years, and geriatricians are highly familiar with the common challenges patients face during this period. A skilled geriatrician can help patients address some of the typical health concerns that people deal with as they get older, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, joint replacement surgery, hearing loss, and dementia.

Travel Medicine

Travel medicine is a relatively new specialty. As U.S. travelers begin to travel to more remote locations, they may be exposed to unsanitary conditions, unfamiliar dangers, or diseases to which they lack immunity. Not all primary care physicians are sufficiently versed in these issues to provide the current, accurate information that travelers will need. A travel physician can advise you on personal safety issues, protective behavior changes, and necessary vaccines. In some cases, you may be prescribed medications to prevent illnesses you might be exposed to on your trip, such as malaria. View FAQs about traveler's medicine here.

After-Hours Care

What do you do when you’re feeling sick on the weekend, or when your regular doctor is booked—or closed for the day? MarinHealth offers after-hours care for adults and children on weeknights and weekends.

MyChart Patient Portal

MarinHealth is proud to offer MyChart, powered by UCSF Health, to all MarinHealth Medical Network patients. This service is a secure, convenient way to manage your healthcare online.

Parents and guardians can also request proxy access to Child or Adolescent MyChart accounts completely online through MyChart. Proxy access allows parents and guardians to view minor's health information, update insurance and utilize self-service tools such as eCheck-In (features available by age).

Now, online scheduling is available for visits to our MarinHealth | UCSF Health Primary Care, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric Care clinics via the MyChart app. Scheduling is easy to use. A calendar pops up with the available dates and times, you choose the one you want, and your appointment is instantly confirmed–no need to wait for the clinic to get back to you. You can also easily cancel or reschedule existing appointments. If you already have MyChart, log on now. Learn more about gaining proxy access to your child’s records here. If you don’t have MyChart, call 1-415-514-6000 or sign up, here.