Funding Priorities

Your continuing support is vital to providing our community with leading-edge, patient-centered care!

2021 Top Funding Priorities:

Please consider these life-saving opportunities for support.

Nuclear Medicine Camera
By replacing MarinHealth’s current nuclear camera with a Siemens Symbia Entevo nuclear camera, we can keep our community hospital’s imaging capabilities on the leading edge. This next-generation model offers:

  • Greater flexibility — one camera can produce two types of scans (CT and SPECT)
  • Clearer images — this model can combine CT and SPECT images to reveal even greater anatomic detail with exceptional clarity
  • Better outcomes — better images result in more accurate diagnoses
  • Less radiation — the new camera reduces the amount of time it takes to acquire an image by 50% (7-8 minutes versus up to 20 minutes for a SPECT scan, and just seconds for a CT scan) significantly reducing the patient’s exposure to radiation. A special capability that can be added to the camera — called SPECT IQ — enables cardiologists to perform a typical cardiac work-up in just less than 5 minutes (compared to 14-16 minutes).
  • Greater productivity — by reducing the time it takes for individual scans, the new nuclear camera will enable MarinHealth to serve more patients more efficiently.

A nuclear camera is an essential piece of imaging equipment which uses small amounts of radiation to take scans of any part of the body: heart, brain, liver, lungs, gallbladder, kidneys, thyroid, skeleton. (For example, the camera plays an important role in cardiology by highlighting places in the heart where blood flow may be blocked.) A radioactive tracer is injected by a radiologist or ingested by the patient to target parts of the body for study. Images from the nuclear camera show where the tracer accumulates, enabling physicians to pinpoint problems with organs or body processes.

Behavioral Health
Our Behavioral Health Program has helped thousands of patients understand and cope with their symptoms to manage, or even overcome, mental illness. Our inpatient and outpatient services provide crisis intervention, evaluation, and treatment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Across our community, MarinHealth advances a vision of caring for the whole person. We are deeply committed to addressing Marin County’s unmet demand for behavioral health support by making outpatient care, delivered by dedicated MarinHealth professionals, affordable and available when and where it’s needed.

You can help realize this vision by investing in Phase I of our behavioral health initiative—the first spoke in the care wheel. By bringing adult outpatient services under the MarinHealth umbrella, where costs can be covered by insurance, your generosity will make mental wellness accessible in new ways, to more people, bridging a significant care gap.

Your gift will create an innovative, synergistic care program in which licensed mental health clinicians and primary care physicians can collaborate for the benefit of their patients—a model that can be replicated across our community.

Breast Health Technology
With your support to MarinHealth Foundation, we can build on the renowned excellence of the Breast Health Center by ensuring that its mammography software is the most up-to-date available, with state-of-the-art imaging capabilities. We can also address the pain and anxiety that keep many women from receiving care that could save their lives by adding an innovative alternative to the flat paddles used in most mammography. Your gift will elevate care and improve outcomes for clients of the Breast Health Center by investing in:

  • Hologic® Clarity HD and Intelligent 2D™ Imaging Technology
    The Breast Health Center uses computer-assisted diagnosis for all mammograms, delivering excellent detection rates on par with those of top university hospitals. To generate the most detailed, natural-looking breast images, doctors may recommend a patient receive both a 2D mammogram and a second scan using advanced 3D tomography. Investing in the latest mammography software will enable the Breast Health Center to merge the best of 2D and high-definition 3D mammography in a single “intelligent” procedure, resulting in:
    • The sharpest possible images, regardless of breast size or density
    • Fast, high-resolution scans to accelerate screening and analysis
    • Ability to detect subtle lesions and fine calcifications, finding up to 65% more invasive cancers compared to 2D mammography alone
    • Less exposure to radiation from multiples scans, fewer false positives and unnecessary biopsies for patients
    • Greater confidence for doctors diagnosing their most challenging cases
  • Hologic® SmartCurve™ Breast Stabilization System
    Compression force, pinching of the breast muscle, time under pressure — these are the three greatest causes of discomfort for women undergoing a typical mammogram, which squeezes the breast tissue between two flat panels. Now there is an alternative to the flat-paddle mammogram. SmartCurve is the first mammogram equipment designed to mimic the natural contour of the female breast. With pressure distributed more evenly, more than 90% of women surveyed reported increased comfort with SmartCurve paddles. Advantages include:
    • Less pain for patients and greater ease for technicians
    • Better compliance with doctor’s recommendations — no more avoiding essential mammograms
    • More breast abnormalities caught early, when they can be addressed most successfully

Additional opportunities for ongoing support include:

Braden Diabetes Center
Living well is possible for people diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, or pre-diabetes. Your support of the Braden Diabetes Center provides workshops, one-on-one training, support groups, and expert care from nurses and dietitians—and helps prevent diabetes in future generations.

Haynes Cardiovascular Institute
The Haynes Cardiovascular Institute, known for its leading-edge therapies and pioneering services, the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute is the only Heart Surgery Program and the only comprehensive Vascular Program in Marin County.

Cancer Care Program
Known for superior outcomes and compassionate care, MarinHealth’s Cancer Care Program is the North Bay’s premier destination for cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Our patients benefit from the latest treatments and technologies and a level of expertise on par with that of the finest teaching hospitals. In order to continue to provide the highest level of personalized, integrative care, close to home

  • Oncology Patient Navigators
    Patient navigators work with patients from the time of diagnosis through all phases of their cancer care treatment and recovery to survivorship. Currently, patient navigators are available to serve individuals diagnosed with breast, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary cancers at MarinHealth Medical Center. Philanthropy provides resources to support cancer patients with a variety of services during their treatment including transportation, nutrition, emotional support, and so much more.
  • Oncology Patient Assistance Fund
    From leading-edge treatments to cutting-edge healing environments, compassionate care teams to state-of-art technologies, patient and family support groups to an innovative Integrative Wellness Center — MarinHealth offers the full spectrum of cancer care opportunities. But even with comprehensive services, the cancer journey can come with obstacles. When you support the Oncology Patient Assistance Fund, your generosity helps provide resources for cancer patients in need.