MarinHealth Pre-Admission Center

About This Location

There are two aspects to preparing for your surgery. The first is getting scheduled for one convenient visit to take care of your health evaluation, financial counseling, and hospital registration. The second is what you need to do to physically prepare before surgery.

The MarinHealth Pre-Admission Center is committed to providing you with the highest quality care and making preparing for surgery as quick and convenient as possible. That’s why we take care of your health evaluation, hospital registration, and financial counseling in a single appointment.

Items to Bring to Your Preadmission Appointment

  • A list of all the medications, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies you are currently taking.
  • The names and telephone numbers of your doctors, including your primary care physician and any specialists you see
  • A list of any allergies you have to medications, foods, or substances like latex or iodinated X-ray contrast dye

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