MarinHealth’s Haynes Cardiovascular Institute Receives $4.4 Million Gift from the Reta and Bill Haynes Family Foundation

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MarinHealth’s Haynes Cardiovascular Institute Receives $4.4 Million Gift from the Reta and Bill Haynes Family Foundation

Generous Support to Further Shape Hospital’s Leading-Edge Cardiovascular Care Program.

MarinHealth Foundation today announced that they have received a $4.4 million gift from the Harold J. and Reta Haynes Family Foundation. The generous grant will be used to further shape MarinHealth Medical Center’s leading-edge cardiovascular care program. Founded in 2009 by longtime donors Bill and Reta Haynes, the MarinHealth Haynes Cardiovascular Institute is a nationally renowned program that offers the full range of cardiovascular care, from prevention and education to state-of-the-art diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation.

“I wish to thank the Haynes Family for this extraordinarily generous gift from the bottom of my heart… pun intended,” said Liz Kolcun, Chief Development Officer at MarinHealth. “Their generosity has fueled the advancement of MarinHealth’s cardiovascular program for 30 years and this new donation will continue to inspire the vision and expansion of the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute for years to come!”

“It goes without saying that this gift is made with gratitude for the exceptional cardiovascular physicians that we have attracted to practice at MarinHealth. It is through their clinical expertise that the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute has succeeded in providing extraordinary patient care. We have lived in this community for a very long time, and have been fortunate financially. This makes it an honor and a privilege to be able to support MarinHealth and the services that it provides to Marin County. If Bill were alive today, I know that he would be very supportive of this gift and it would make him very happy,” said Reta Haynes.

A Gift from the Heart

Natives of Fort Worth, Texas, Harold J. “Bill” Haynes and Reta married in 1945 after Bill had completed his World War II service in the Navy. They moved to College Station, TX where Bill finished his civil engineering education at Texas A&M. Upon graduation, he began a long career with Chevron Corporation (then the Standard Oil Company of California) and they made their first home in New Orleans, LA.

In 1962, the Haynes family moved to Marin. Bill was named President of Chevron in 1969, later serving as chairman of the board and chief executive officer. He retired from Chevron after 34 years with the company and embarked on a second career as a consultant and board member for the Bechtel Corporation. Bill served on numerous corporate boards, including Citicorp-Citibank, Hewlett-Packard, The Boeing Company, and the Rand Corporation.

Philanthropy is a very important Haynes family value, and Mr. and Mrs. Haynes have provided ongoing support to benefit MarinHealth for nearly three decades. Bill and Reta developed a special interest in cardiology as a result of their physician relationship and personal friendship with Cardiologist David C. Sperling, MD. Their commitment has been essential to the creation and ongoing support of the hospital's cardiovascular programs in Interventional Cardiology, Structural Heart, Electrophysiology, and Cardiac Surgery.

Just before Bill passed away in 2009, he and Reta, in consultation with Dr. David Sperling, founded the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute. The Haynes Cardiovascular Institute was formally established in September of 2009 and the family insisted that it be named in honor of Dr. David Sperling. Reta also helped to establish the David C. Sperling Endowed Medical Directorship of the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute on the occasion of Dr. Sperling’s retirement in late 2018. This position oversees the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute, including long-range planning, budgeting, recruiting and management.

“It has been a privilege to have enjoyed a close personal relationship with Mrs. Haynes,” said Dr. Robert Sperling, current medical director of the Haynes Cardiovascular Institute. “So much has been made possible thanks to the generous donations of the Haynes Family over the past three decades. Their remarkable contributions have translated into improving cardiac health and saving lives for Marin County residents.”

The Haynes Cardiovascular Institute offers a full range of cardiovascular care, including education, prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for cardiovascular conditions of all kinds. MarinHealth’s reputation as early adopters, and often innovators, of leading-edge treatments and protocols, has made the hospital a magnet for some of the most accomplished cardiology specialists and sub-specialists in the nation. The latest addition to the Institute within the past few years is the Structural Heart Program, which has saved many lives with minimally invasive procedures.

Today, Reta is supported in her philanthropic goals by her daughter and Haynes Family Foundation board member, Sharon Early. Reta is delighted that she can continue to make a difference through charitable giving and is grateful to have Sharon assisting her in this process.


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