Our Partnerships

Powerful Partnerships for Enhanced Care

At MarinHealth, we believe in going above and beyond to provide our community with the best possible care. Sometimes, that means literally going beyond our existing service area to form powerful alliances that allow us to enhance our offerings, right here in our own community. That’s why we have established relationships with several academic medical centers to provide access to advanced, specialized care in key care areas.

Our UCSF Health Collaboration

Building on a decades-long relationship, MarinHealth and UCSF Health have formed a strategic alliance that expands access to high-quality clinical care in Marin County and the North Bay.

The alliance enhances both institutions’ commitment to provide premier care in a healing environment, while maintaining each organization’s independence. As public, nonprofit entities, UCSF Health and MarinHealth share a core value of offering high-quality care to their communities.

The agreement is the highest level of integration to date between the two organizations and will provide a number of opportunities for future joint projects, including expansion of ambulatory care centers, staffed by UCSF Heath and MarinHealth providers and specialists. MarinHealth Medical Network physician offices are now part of UCSF Health, and they use the UCSF Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR), MyChart platform. The alliance enables us to more fully share best practices, and offers our patients and providers better access to state-of-the-art research and clinical trials.

Our expanded agreement enhances the relationship our organizations have had in place for many years:

  • Benioff Children’s Hospital
    Our relationship with UCSF’s Benioff Children’s Hospital allows Marin families to benefit from the resources and knowledge base of one of the nation’s preeminent pediatric hospitals. UCSF Perinatologists and Neonatologists work on site, monitoring difficult pregnancies and caring for fragile newborns in the Medical Center’s Level II NICU. A UCSF prenatal diagnostic center staffed with specialists in high-risk obstetrics located adjacent to the hospital enables Marin women with high-risk pregnancies to get the extra monitoring they need close to home, and deliver their babies at MarinHealth Medical Center.
  • Madison Clinic
    As a satellite location of the UCSF Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes, our Braden Diabetes Center’s Childhood Diabetes Program provides outpatient education and support for our young patients, including access to an Endocrinologist, Pediatric Nurses, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.
  • Neurosurgery
    Our relationship with the UCSF Department of Neurosurgery allows us to offer seamless patient care in Marin. UCSF Neurosurgeons provide exceptional expertise for spine and brain surgery on both an emergency and elective basis at MarinHealthMedical Center.
  • Gynecologic Oncology
    Our relationship enables Marin women to see a UCSF Gynecologic Oncologist locally and have gynecologic surgery performed by a UCSF Surgeon at MarinHealth Medical Center using our da Vinci Xi® Robot.