Safety Precautions

Your Healing Place is a Safe Place

Enhanced Safety Precautions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

MarinHealth is committed to fostering the health and wellbeing of the North Bay, and we are working diligently to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, caregivers, staff, and the larger community during these challenging times. We have instituted rigorous protocols throughout our system – at the Medical Center, our Medical Network Clinics, and all ancillary locations. We are collaborating with local and national healthcare authorities, along with our partners at UCSF Health, and we are following the strictest proven guidelines for cleanliness and safety.

You can be confident seeking care for a new or ongoing health issue, or getting care for potential COVID-19 symptoms, that our facilities are safe and our people are ready, willing, and able to receive you. Below are specific safety protocols in place at various MarinHealth locations.

Medical Center Safety Precautions

Visitor Restrictions

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All employees wear appropriate PPE based on their proximity to patients and their role/function.
  • Patients may be required to wear a mask when entering for scheduled surgical procedures or transitioning from our Emergency Department.
  • Universal masking may be re-implemented in the event of an outbreak or high seasonal incidence of respiratory illnesses such as influenza or COVID-19.

Enhanced Sanitation

  • Convenient hand sanitizing stations throughout the hospital.
  • Extra sanitation of all public areas and patient rooms, multiple times daily.
  • Additional use of high-tech robots for no-touch, ultraviolet disinfection.

Employee Guidelines

  • Before entering and throughout their shifts, employees put on appropriate PPE based on their job responsibilities.
  • Our already strict hand-washing rules are rigorously enforced.

Patient Guidelines

  • Patients who have scheduled appointments, procedures or surgeries must provide an attestation 24 to 48 hours before arrival, and will be tested for COVID-19 at our Pre-Admission Center before they are admitted to the Medical Center.

Creekside Cafe

  • Creekside Cafe visitors must comply with our masking and social distancing policies, when applicable.
  • Meal services are limited - visitors may select items from our grab-and-go selection.

Emergency Department (ED)

  • Patients who arrive to the ED with potential symptoms of COVID-19 are immediately triaged for the appropriate level of care.
  • All patients are screened for symptoms regardless of their reason for coming to our ED, and many are tested for COVID-19 if it’s deemed necessary.

Maternity Care

  • Like all patients, moms-to-be are screened when they arrive for an appointment or are in labor for admission. If the mother is scheduled for a C-section or induction, she also undergoes COVID-19 testing up to 94 hours before the scheduled procedure.
  • Moms can be accompanied by one support person, and we help other loved ones or family members participate in labor or birth via video (iPad, FaceTime, etc.)
  • We are attentive and supportive during labor; however, we handle some minor questions and messages by phone when possible to reduce traffic in and out of the room.
  • Moms may be asked to wear a mask when caregivers are actively working with them and their family.
  • For now, we have transitioned our typical support group and educational classes before and after birth to virtual sessions that can be done by video.
  • If either mom or baby exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 while in our care, we practice shared decision making on how to isolate and protect the family.

Medical Network Clinics (Primary and Specialty Care Offices)

Our physicians are available and eager to provide care for patients, whether for existing issues or new health concerns. New processes ensure everyone’s safety so patients can stay up to date on healthcare.

Telehealth (Video) Appointments

  • All routine and regularly scheduled appointments are now primarily handled by telehealth (video) where patients can meet with their provider(s) virtually using a tablet, smart phone or computer. Providers will reach out to patients with appointments on the books to convert appointments as needed.
  • New appointments will also be held via telehealth unless the nature of the concern requires an in-person visit. When patients call for an appointment, the staff will explain the process and book an appointment.
  • Clinic staff will walk patients through the process so they are prepared and comfortable with using telehealth.

In-Clinic Patient/Visitor Precautions

  • Enhanced sanitation/disinfecting in lobby, registration and all public areas, as well as in patient rooms between every patient visit
  • Scheduling that allows for more space between patients
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations at entrances and throughout the office
  • Waiting room changes—less furniture, placed further apart for appropriate distancing, and the option to wait in the car until one’s appointment
  • Social distancing for employees and patients at registration and work areas
  • Patient screening for COVID-19 symptoms before appointments and again upon arrival
  • Reducing traffic in our waiting room through appropriate appointment scheduling
  • Employees and providers also complete a virtual health screening or receive a temperature check before entering the clinic

COVID-19 Testing