Medical Library - Research

Medical Library - Research

MarinHealth provides a Medical Library and a Health Resource Center to assist patients and their families, employees, and the community in finding the medical and wellness information they need. Both libraries are here to help you make informed decisions about health and health care needs through medical information, not medical advice. Health care professionals are the only people qualified to give a medical opinion.

Medical Library

Here, you will find books, CDs, and magazine articles on health, wellness, and various medical conditions. Our Medical Library provides a wealth of valuable materials, as well as access to online resources that we have reviewed for accuracy of content. We can also assist with finding current and reliable information online.

Tip: A website's address (or URL) gives you an indication of what kind of site it is:

  • Web addresses ending in “.org” are for nonprofit organizations
  • Web addresses ending in ".gov" are for government agencies, or groups funded by the government, like the National Cancer Institute
  • Web addresses ending in ".com" are for profit, commercial sites. Most sell and/or advertise a product or service

Health Resource Center

A hub of information and support, the Health Resource Center offers a wide variety of health media available check-out including books, CDs and DVDs. The Center also includes a laptop bar and work space, meditation room overlooking the meditation garden, and a designated meeting room space for support groups.

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