Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MarinHealth?

MarinHealth is an alliance between respected North Bay healthcare resources with deep roots in the community: Marin General Hospital, Prima Medical Foundation, the Marin Healthcare District Health Centers, and Marin General Hospital Foundation. MarinHealth serves as a gateway to excellent physicians, advanced treatments and technologies, academic-level medical expertise, and a respected community hospital. The goal is to provide seamless, collaborative, high-quality care with an emphasis on healing the whole patient — body, mind, and spirit.

Who is part of MarinHealth?

  1. MarinHealth Medical Center, formerly known as Marin General Hospital, is an award-winning, full-service, not-for-profit hospital that has been meeting our community’s healthcare needs since 1952.
  2. MarinHealth Medical Network, formerly Prima Medical Foundation, represents the expert clinicians and physicians who previously practiced at Prima offices or Marin Healthcare District Health Centers.
  3. MarinHealth Foundation, formerly known as Marin General Hospital Foundation, is a fundraising organization. The Foundation provides invaluable support for key programs and services, and for the construction of our new hospital building, opening in 2020.

When is this change effective?

Marin General Hospital, Prima Medical Foundation, the Marin Healthcare District Health Centers, and the Marin General Hospital Foundation have been working together for years to deliver coordinated, patient-centric care. On July 30, 2019, they officially joined forces under the MarinHealth banner.

Is this part of a merger or acquisition?

No. Each of the entities will continue their prior operating business status, but they are doing business as part of MarinHealth.

Is MarinHealth Medical Center still independent?

MarinHealth Medical Center has not been acquired by any entity or group and remains independent. We have been able to enhance the depth and breadth of our services through collaborations and partnerships.

Did UCSF buy Marin General Hospital and that’s why the name has changed?

No. UCSF has NOT purchased the hospital. However, there is a long-standing strategic alliance with UCSF Health that provides our community with university-level expertise in certain specialties, such as care for children with diabetes, high-risk pregnancies, and care for critically ill newborns.

How will the change impact patients and the community?

The way patients access providers and the hospital remains the same (contact information, phone, fax, etc.). All web properties have been consolidated into a new website,, for a single digital front door. The launch of MarinHealth provides patients with more seamless, comprehensive care from a united resource.

Will the leaders of the previous entities still be in charge?

There is no change in leadership.

Where will we see the biggest changes?

Our overarching goal was to create a single gateway for patients to access high-quality healthcare expertise. As an example, our new website,, combines 26 prior sites and now provides access to information and services from the Medical Center, the Medical Network physicians and locations, and the Foundation — all in one place.

Why do we still see some of the old names/logos?

We are working diligently to update materials. Any outdated materials you come across will be updated as soon as possible.

What do the elements of the new logo represent?

Our new logo represents MarinHealth as a gateway to advanced care in an exceptional healing environment. The symbol’s stylized monogram “M” expresses progress through its forward and upward motion. The weaving of shapes and colors symbolizes an integration of advanced care (bright blue), and the environment (shades of healthy green). The M can also be seen as reminiscent of mountains, signifying Mt. Tam, a mainstay of Marin.

How did you arrive at this decision — organizational structure, integration, name, etc.?

We engaged a national brand identity firm who has worked with many top hospital brands across the United States. With their guidance, we developed a thoughtful and informed approach to get where we are today. The process included interviews, focus groups, and surveys with leadership, physicians, staff/employees, key influencers, and community members. The comprehensive process took two years.

Does the creation of MarinHealth change, lessen, or impact the District’s control over the hospital?

No. The Marin Healthcare District remains the owner.

If I want to donate to a specific entity or service, can I do that, or do I have to give to MarinHealth as an overall entity?

Formerly known as the Marin General Hospital Foundation, MarinHealth Foundation raises support for key services offered by MarinHealth, including programs, technologies, and the construction of the new hospital building, opening in 2020. You can choose to give an unrestricted gift that will go to the greatest need. Or you can give to a specific program or service that is most meaningful to you.