Prescription Refills

It’s critical to take medication exactly as it has been prescribed. If you need a refill of an ongoing medication, please contact your pharmacy FIRST and ask them to contact our office. They usually send your request to us electronically because our clinicians now complete most medication refills via computer. This is the fastest and easiest way for you to obtain your refill. If for some reason your pharmacy cannot call or if you want to discuss a medication, please call your provider’s office.

Controlled Medication

If you are on a controlled medication, State of California law requires that your provider see you monthly in order to do prescription refills for you.

Mail Order Medications

Many insurance plans now ask their members to use mail away services to fill prescriptions. If you have multiple prescriptions that need to be written for a mail order pharmacy, please make an appointment with your prescribing provider’s office.

MarinHealth Foundation’s Annual Black-Tie Gala, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, will be held on Saturday, May 2, 2020. We’re delighted to announce that the beneficiary this year is Surgical Advancements at MarinHealth and the purchase of a new da Vinci® Xi® robot. This new equipment will impact the specialties of urology, general surgery, colorectal surgery, gynecology and gynecologic oncology.

Did you know that 11 physicians at MarinHealth perform robotic surgery? The latest advances in robotic technology will make laparoscopic surgery—offering smaller incisions and more rapid recovery—possible for many patients who, in the past, have required more invasive surgery. With your support, MarinHealth will bring the next generation of surgical technology, the da Vinci® Xi® robot, to Marin County. With a reputation for excellence and an innovative new hospital about to open, MarinHealth is able to attract stellar surgeons, trained in the latest robotic techniques. To provide the best options for all their patients, they need the best technology available.

By investing in a new-generation surgical robot MarinHealth can keep its surgeons equipped with the most advanced equipment and its patients where they prefer to be: experiencing everything Marin County has to offer—including better health—in the company of family, friends, and neighbors.

We invite you to demonstrate your support of our hospital and our beneficiary by participating as a sponsor of this event (also available in PDF format). You may also make a donation directly to the program. Your support will ensure the hospital’s ability to continue providing exceptional care.