Medical Center Visitor Restrictions Due to COVID-19
Last Updated April 1, 2022

The rules for visiting patients at MarinHealth Medical Center can change at any time, depending on what's happening with the pandemic and on government health orders. Please check this page for the latest information before you go.

Everyone who enters the hospital must:

  1. Be health screened and badged
  2. Wear a hospital provided/approved mask at all times

Approved Visitors* (not patients) must:

  • Provide proof of being Fully Vaccinated* (2+ weeks after final Covid vaccine). Proof of Vaccination = Vaccine Card (actual, copy, photo), QR Code, doctor’s record OR
  • Bring in an unused Rapid Antigen Test (FDA approved) to perform onsite OR
  • Bring in proof of a negative PCR Test (done at a Lab) within the last 2 days

*Visitors include vendors and contractors without a permanent MarinHealth badge.
Child Visitors must follow same guidelines of vaccination or a negative test (unless under 2 years old)
For non-vaccinated or incompletely vaccinated visitors who visit consecutive days, proof of negative test is only required every 3rd day (testing is required on day 1, day 4, day 7, etc.)

Current Visitation Rules = LEVEL 2A

Note: Exceptions will only be made for urgent/necessary/legal visitation (ex: End of Life) and must be approved by the unit manager/director or Administrative Nursing Supervisor (ANS). Click here to view visitation guidelines for Levels 1 - 4.

MarinHealth understands the need for patients to be visited by their family and friends within a safe environment

  • Patient/Visitor Badging: All visitors must wear a hospital-provided identification badge to gain entry into the hospital. Standard screening questions (reason for visit, etc.) will be required before being provided a badge.
  • Limitation of Visitors (for patient safety): At any time, clinical staff may limit the number of visitors according to the patient’s condition. Aggressive/threatening behavior is not allowed or tolerated. Patients can deny visitors at any time.
  • After-Hours Hospital Access: Enter through ED when the Main Lobby is closed (example: mother in labor).
  • Infection Prevention: Visitors need to wash hands / use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving rooms. Visitors must comply with all posted signs outside patient rooms and in common areas.