Therapy Dogs

Just as healing takes many different shapes and forms, therapy dogs come in many sizes and breeds. Marin Guide Dogs for the Blind partners with MarinHealth Medical Center's Volunteer Services to bring highly qualified and trained dogs and their owners to patient rooms.

Dog Therapy Program Photo Gallery

People sometimes confuse therapy dogs with working dogs, who help disabled people with daily activities. But therapy dogs serve a very different purpose. Pets have a profound effect on a person’s health and well-being. Studies have shown that simply holding or stroking a dog provides patients with a happy and comforting diversion, lifts their spirits, and even lowers their blood pressure.

About the Program

Our Dog Therapy Program, offered through MarinHealth Medical Center Volunteer Services, takes place in-hospital, to enhance our patients' well-being and elevate mood. This enhances the healing process for our patients and helps reduce stress levels. Our gentle, affectionate therapy dogs and their friendly owners are official volunteers who visit patients in the hospital Monday through Friday and at the Cancer Center three mornings a week.

Our dogs are either career change, retired, or active breeders for Guide Dogs. If a patient would like to schedule a visit, they can ask their Nurse or call the Volunteer Office: 1-415-925-7258.