Burnout Resources

Burnout Resources

Research shows an average of 1 in 3 doctors suffering from burnout every day – worldwide regardless of specialty. Some surveys show burnout rates as high as 70%! Once you understand the origins of burnout – the What – Why – How – you can turn the corner to enjoy your practice, your family and your life again.

Here is a list of resources from the HappyMD blog that have been found useful for many physicians:

235 Ways to Prevent Physician Burnout

Learn 235 ways to prevent physician burnout in the Matrix 2.0 Report. With over 14,000 downloads, this report provides simple, proven tools from our 10 Years & 40,000 doctors worth of burnout prevention experience.

In this report, you'll review tools and methods to:

  • Lower Your Stress Levels
  • Build More Life Balance
  • Build a More Ideal Practice

If you have any questions or would like immediate support, please use this Contact Form to connect directly with Dike Drummond, MD, author of Prevent Physician Burnout 235 Ways.