Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

There are two aspects to preparing for surgery. The first is getting scheduled for one convenient visit to take care of your health evaluation, financial counseling, and hospital registration. The second is what you need to do to physically prepare before surgery.

In keeping with our commitment to providing you with the highest quality care, our Pre-Admission Center (1300 South Eliseo Drive, Suite 101, Greenbrae) makes preparing for surgery as quick and convenient as possible. That’s why we take care of your health evaluation, hospital registration, and financial counseling in a single appointment.

Pre-Admission Testing

During your appointment at our Pre-Admission Center, we will ask you about your medical history. We will also perform a variety of tests to evaluate your general health. Your vital signs will be taken and you will be given a variety of tests. These may include blood tests, a chest X-ray, and electrocardiogram (ECG).

Items to Bring to Your Preadmission Appointment

  • A list of all the medications, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies you are currently taking.
  • The names and telephone numbers of your doctors, including your primary care physician and any specialists you see
  • A list of any allergies you have to medications, foods, or substances like latex or iodinated X-ray contrast dye

If we find undiagnosed pre-diabetes or diabetes, we will refer you to our Braden Diabetes Center for a consultation.

During your pre-op appointment, you may see a nurse practitioner who will discuss your information with an Anesthesiologist for your procedure. You may receive special instructions from the Pre-Admission Center, as well as from your surgeon, regarding medications you are currently taking. Drugs that prevent blood clotting such as Coumadin, Plavix, aspirin, NSAIDs, and certain herbal supplements will require special instructions.


Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete registration and other forms. This should take anywhere between 15-30 minutes.

Financial Planning

Your perioperative appointment will include a discussion of billing, insurance, and a breakdown of how you will be charged. Some services included in your surgery are billed separately by the service provider, such as your surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Pre-surgical Instructions

The healthier you are prior to surgery, the greater your chances of a smooth recovery. Here are some things you can do to prepare for your procedure.