Pediatric Outpatient Surgery

Pediatric Outpatient Surgery

Skilled Pediatric Surgeons

If your child needs surgery, it’s essential to have access to a pediatric surgeon – a physician who specializes in the surgical care of babies, children, and teens. Thanks to our strategic alliance with UCSF Health, we are able to offer local families access to the expertise and resources of one of the nation’s preeminent pediatric hospitals, right here in Marin. The collaboration between the two organizations includes a broad range of pediatric specialists, including pediatric surgeons, as well as pediatric anesthesiologists.

After being trained in general surgery, they complete two additional years in an approved pediatric surgery fellowship program. A pediatric surgeon operates on children ranging from infancy through the teen years.

About Our Pediatric Services

The first pediatric surgeries performed at MarinHealth Medical Center were completed in May 2018. Currently, our pediatric surgery program consists of only ambulatory or same day surgeries. Specialties offered include pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT), urology, and plastic surgery. UCSF Health pediatric specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery are experienced in performing surgeries on babies and children with birth defects such as a cleft lip and palate, developmental abnormalities and other issues affecting the head, face, and hands.

The UCSF Health pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists are assisted by MarinHealth staff in the operating room. Recovery from surgery can be scary for anyone, especially a youngster. Our Pediatric Recovery staff has been trained by UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, and UCSF Recovery Room nurses also come to the hospital to assist.