Prostate Cancer Support Group

Prostate Cancer Information and Self-Support Group

The Prostate Cancer Information and Self-Support Group, coordinated by Prostate Cancer Survivor Stan Rosenfeld, meets to exchange views and concerns, and to give positive support to each other. The goal is to provide a safe place for participants to understand the impact prostate cancer may have on their lifestyle. The group is member led and all are free to discuss whatever is on their minds as they progress through treatment.

It can be difficult to find people who truly understand what someone who has been diagnosed with cancer is going through. This group provides an opportunity to meet with others who have struggled or are currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Discussion helps others to understand the range of thoughts and feelings that often occur during cancer treatment, as well as treatments available and the decision process.

This group is an official Us TOO International Support Group. Wives and significant others are welcome to attend.

Contact: Call or e-mail Stan Rosenfeld for more information, including dates and times: 1-415-459-4668
Registration: This support group is free and no registration is required.