Patient Navigators - Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Patient Navigators

Your Guide through the Cancer Treatment Process

Our patient navigators, specially trained RNs or social workers, serve as a “point person” to guide each prostate cancer patient throughout the treatment process. By providing advocacy, education, and support from diagnosis to recovery, our navigators help patients feel calmer and more in control.

Navigator Support Services

  • Assist in the diagnostic evaluation process
  • Help men make informed decisions, providing medical information and resource materials
  • Provide psychosocial and emotional support for patients and their families
  • Assist patients in understanding and managing symptoms and side effects of treatment
  • Provide referrals to support services and complementary therapies
  • Act as a liaison between the patient, his doctors (including the primary care physician), and his family

Our Navigators have many years of experience and a strong interest in holistic health, so they encourage patients to take advantage of the integrated services offered by MarinHealth.