Benjamin Dudley, MD

Benjamin Dudley MD
About Provider

Dr. Benjamin Dudley is a General Urologist and he believes in learning. Many of his useful healthcare recommendations have come from other patients discussing their successes with him. Dr. Dudley's first career was an elementary school teacher and he continues to believe that education is major component of healthy living.

Dr. Dudley enjoys eating and he believes that diet plays a large contribution to our overall health. He has enjoyed cuisines in diverse places from Australia during study abroad to Afghanistan during his time with the US Air Force and to Albuquerque, NM during his high school years. Dr. Dudley's other interests include reading, games (board or video or picnic), and bringing a guitar many different places - "because I'm still learning."

Medical Group
  • MarinHealth Medical Network
Primary Service
  • Urology
Board Certification
  • American Board of Urology
  • Louisiana State University - Shreveport, LA
Medical School
  • University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM
  • Louisiana State University - Shreveport, LA
Professional Societies and Affiliations
American Urological Association