Consult Services

Behavioral Health Consult Services

Sometimes, patients hospitalized for acute medical conditions have co-occurring mental health disorders. To care for them appropriately, we formed our integrated Behavioral Health Consultation-Liaison (C-L) team. This team is comprised of a dedicated psychiatrist and licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs). Referrals to the C-L service are made through a physician order.

Appropriate referrals include:

  • Patients with psychiatric legal holds (5150, 5250, LPS conserved)
  • Patients who require management and support for behavioral health disorders while being treated for acute medical issues
  • Patients whose medical problems result in behavioral symptoms such as delirium, withdrawal, and dementia

Our Team

The C-L psychiatrist provides expert evaluation and advice in collaboration with the patient’s primary physician. This includes diagnostic assessment, medication orders and treatment, treatment recommendations, and discharge planning recommendations. The C-L psychiatrist also determines whether inpatient psychiatric hospitalization is appropriate. In addition, the C-L psychiatrist serves as a liaison and educator for the referring physician, hospital staff, patients, and their loved ones.

The LCSW ensures continuity of care between the hospital treatment team, patients, their families and/or primary support system, and their healthcare providers outside of the hospital.

The LCSW’s responsibilities encompass:

  • Assessing the patient’s psychosocial needs
  • Psychoeducation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Arranging for targeted therapeutic interventions
  • Planning for the patient’s needs upon discharge