If you are thinking about harming yourself or attempting suicide, thinking about harming someone else, experiencing severe emotional or behavioral distress, feeling out of touch with reality or disoriented, feeling out of control, or experiencing an inability to care for yourself, seek help right away:

  • Call 988 if you are experiencing psychiatric distress
  • Call 911 for immediate medical care
  • Call 1-415-473-6666 at any time to reach the County of Marin’s Psychiatric Emergency Services

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

This program is offered by Marin Health & Human Services to provide Marin County residents and visitors experiencing a mental health crisis (such as suicidal depression or psychotic behavior) a place to seek treatment. CSU is located on the MarinHealth Medical Center campus and is open 24/7. Every patient undergoes a detailed psychiatric assessment, nursing assessment, and screening for drugs and alcohol. Marin County Crisis Stabilization Unit serves children, teenagers, and adults, regardless of financial status or whether or not they are insured. You can call CSU at 1-415-473-6666 or learn more here.

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