Male to Female

Male to Female

Facial Feminization

Specially trained in craniofacial surgery, our surgeons offer the full gamut of facial feminization procedures. Facial feminization is highly individualized, and not every woman will benefit from every procedure. Rather, the idea is for the doctor to achieve a natural result that works with your existing bone structure to create a more beautiful, feminine version of you. Your facial feminization surgery may include one or more of the following procedures:

  • Hairline Advancement – to create a more feminine hairline
  • Forehead Contouring – to reduce the bony brow ridge
  • Browlift – to create more peaked, feminine eyebrows
  • Rhinoplasty – to create a more delicate, feminine nose
  • Lip Lift – to create a shorter, more feminine lip
  • Genioplasty – to reduce the size of the chin
  • Mandible Contouring – to reduce the width of the jaw
  • Fat grafting – to augment the cheeks and lips
  • Tracheal Shave – to reduce the Adam’s Apple
  • Neck Liposuction – to harvest fat for grafting

(Watch the above video to learn more about the Vaginoplasty Procedure)

Chest Feminization/Breast Augmentation

While hormone therapy can lead to development of breast tissue, it does not often create fully female-appearing breasts. That’s why many trans women or non-binary individuals seeking a more feminine looking upper body choose to have breast augmentation. During breast augmentation, the chest is re-contoured and enhanced with silicone or saline breast implants. The size, shape, and type (saline or silicone) of implants can be customized to fit your preferences.

Vaginoplasty – Male to Female Bottom Surgery

As a part of gender confirmation surgery, a trans woman may choose to undergo a vaginoplasty, which effectively creates functional and normal-appearing female genitalia. This surgery is a powerful affirmation of a woman’s gender identity, improving self-confidence and self-image.

In vaginoplasty, the surgeon removes the testes and creates a vaginal canal, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, clitoral hood, and a shortened urethra. Scrotal grafts and penile shaft tissue are used to form the vaginal walls. The urethra is then shortened and repositioned to conform to a female urethral position. Clitoral sensation is preserved through the blood and nerves, which remain attached at all times. This procedure allows for intimacy and pleasurable intercourse.

The average hospital stay after vaginoplasty is three days. During surgery, the surgeon puts in a urethral catheter and vaginal packing, to be removed at the first post-operative visit 7-10 days later. Patients are instructed on vaginal dilation to keep the new vaginal canal from closing up. Most clients find it takes about 12 weeks to fully heal from their vaginoplasty, but as long as their job is not physically demanding, they can begin working again within 4-6 weeks.

(Watch the above video to learn more about Facial Feminization Procedures)

Body Contouring

For some trans women, top and bottom surgery are just the beginning of their journey to become who they truly are. Body contouring with fat grafting can create feminine curves for a more flattering look in clothes and swimwear. Our experts excel at a variety of body contouring procedures, including:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Brachioplasty
  • Medial Thigh Lift