VELYS Joint Point Hip Navigation

VELYS Joint Point Hip Navigation

Advanced Technology for Hip Replacement

The hip joint is a complex ball and socket structure designed to move in three distinct ways:

  • Flexion and extension enable the leg to move back and forth
  • Abduction and adduction move the leg out to the side or inward towards the opposite leg
  • Rotation points the toes toward or away from each other

For a hip replacement to be a good fit, the surgeon must factor in how the hip moves as well as the patient’s specific geometry, including leg length and various angles between structures in the hip. VELYS JointPoint Hip Navigation allows for this to be done more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Some of our surgeons use JointPoint to obtain a precise analysis of the patient’s individual hip anatomy, creating a digital template from which to plan surgery.

Additional X-rays are taken in real time, at the beginning of the hip replacement and again when the surgeon fits the socket (acetabular) component of the implant, using JointPoint to position it exactly right. Next, the surgeon prepares the ball (femur) part of the implant, taking another set of X-rays. JointPoint overlays images of the implant with the pre-operational imaging and calculations to make sure the new hip matches up with preoperative goals.