Pricing Transparency

Pricing Transparency

At MarinHealth Medical Center, we're committed to helping patients and their families make informed decisions about every aspect of their care. This commitment includes providing information and resources related to the potential cost of treatment at our facility.

In addition, a 2020 federal law* requires medical centers to provide clear, accessible pricing information about items and services.

MarinHealth Medical Center Shoppable Service

Our list includes 300 services and items that would potentially be provided to MarinHealth Medical Center patients, insurers, and guarantors. It does not include physician charges, which may be billed separately. This list represents line-item charges for many different elements of the care we provide, such as the surgery itself, as well as hospital rooms and special facilities (e.g., operating rooms), supplies, devices, procedures, tests, and medications.

However, please note that the charges hospitals are required to post on this list are not the amount that either you or your insurer will actually pay. Your doctor and care team will determine what services and treatments are necessary. Your individual out-of-pocket costs will be impacted by insurance plan coverage, co-pays, and deductibles, if any, as well as by the wide range of services provided and other variables that affect costs — so our list should not be used to estimate the actual final cost you will incur.

We want you to understand your potential out-of-pocket costs before your visit, and we have a team of financial advisors available to help you with this. To speak with an advisor about a personalized out-of-pocket financial responsibility estimate specific to your visit, call our patient financial counselors at 1-415-925-7250 or contact us via email: Financial_Counselors@MarinGeneral.Org.

Disclaimer: This website provides price and allowable rate estimates by determining an average service package or bundle from the historical billing of the service. The resulting estimate may not match your final bill exactly. Your final bill will depend on actual services and procedures performed as determined by your doctors as well as your health insurance coverage policy. Please consult with your health insurer to confirm individual payment responsibilities and remaining deductible balances. For the best user experience, use Google Chrome as a web-browser.

Please also visit us at for any questions you may have on financial assistance programs and payment options.