Across the Spectrum of Specialty and Primary Care, "Top Docs" Abound at Marin General Hospital

Across the Spectrum of Specialty and Primary Care, "Top Docs" Abound at Marin General Hospital

GREENBRAE, CA — Across 33 specialties (including primary care), 208 physicians practicing at Marin General Hospital have been named to the prestigious [415] Top Doctors 2012 by Marin Magazine.

The list was compiled through peer-to-peer polling of more than 4,000 doctors in San Francisco and Marin counties, who were asked to select the physicians they considered the best of the best. Every doctor in the area was both a candidate and a voter (they were not allowed to vote for themselves, nor were they permitted to vote more than once for any given doctor.) Participants could vote for doctors in all specialties.

"Residents of Marin should be reassured by this survey-which measures the honest and anonymous opinions of fellow physicians-that there's absolutely no reason to cross the bridge to find care," said Dr. Joel Sklar, Chief Medical Officer of Marin General Hospital, which is home to the county's only trauma center, labor and delivery services, full service cancer care program, comprehensive heart and vascular care, accredited chest pain center, inpatient pediatric program, spine and brain institute, certified primary stroke center that can treat all types of stroke onsite, and inpatient psychiatric treatment services.

Members of the Marin General Hospital medical staff named to Marin Magazine's [415] Top Doctors 2012 are:

  • Cardiology: David Sperling, Jerald Young, Mark Wexman, Brian Keeffe, Arun Raghupathy, Margaret Baer, James Adams, Kent Gershengorn, Ann Kao, Sujoya Dey, Paul Ogden, Richard Hongo, William Budge, Joel Sklar, and Steven Hao.
  • Colon Rectal: Mark Bazalgette
  • Critical Care-Pulmonary: Merrill Nisam and Guy Livnat
  • Dermatology: Renee Howard, Amy Kobalter, Jodi Grossfeld, Cheryl Tanasovich, Joseph Greenberg, Kara Reinke and David Laube
  • Endocrinology and Endocrinology/Diabetes: Eric Buxton, Linda Gaudiani and Richard Bernstein
  • Family Practice: Elizabeth Etemad, Cheri Forrester, Oliver Osborn, John Graham, Lawrence Posner, Robert Belknap, Barry Landfield, Darren Lipshitz, Chaithra Nagar, Flash Gordon, Alice Yee, James Gardner, Robert Bartz, Gail Altschuler, Arnold Werschky, E. Regina Widman, J. David Andrew, Janice Barry, Charles Calza, David Tully-Smith and Michael Whitt
  • Gastroenterology: Danny Kao, John Bettinger, Albert Varner, Richard McAuliffe, John Jolley and Timothy Sowerby
  • Geriatrics: Mark Kubik
  • Hematology & Oncology: David Guillion, Timothy Crowley and Alex Metzger
  • Infectious Disease: Gregg Tolliver
  • Internal Medicine: David Ogden, Catharine Clark-Sayles, Sajot Grewal, Alfred Oppenheim, Kerry Davidson, Susan Cumming, Curtis Roebken, Alan Margolin, John Ward, Michael Chase, Anne Cummings, William Mcallister, Jason Green, James Taylor, Doug Cohen, Milton, Estes, Ray Brindley, Ahmed El-Ghoneimy, Pradeepa Selvakuma, Teresa Tang, Stephen Welter, David Berman, Michael Rowe, Aida Calvillo, Rebecca Li, Gyorgy Pataki, Hima Sayavolu and Danielle Walker
  • Medical Oncology: Jennifer Lucas and Peter Eisenberg
  • Nephrology: Lawrence Levy and Genevieve Estilo
  • Neurology: Ilkcan Cokgor, John Panagotacos, J. Richard Mendius, Sandra Shefrin and Smriti Wagle
  • Neurosurgery: Tarun Arora
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology: Kirsten Voss, Gerald Wilner, Stephen Bearg, Sally Boero, Brian Demuth, Lizellen La Follette, Nona Cunningham, Elliott Main, Secily Bason-Mitchell, Mark Jacobs, Charles Bookoff, Emily Binkley, Leah Kelley, Russell Laros, Monica Lopez, Michael Maioriello, Leslie Kardos, Alexis Cardellini and Malini Nijagal
  • Ophthalmology: John Campbell, Robert Anderson, William Good, Kathryn Najafi-Tagol, Gayle Shimokaji, John Shin and A. Alan Weber
  • Orthopedic Surgeon: John Keohane, Jonathan Goff, Mohammad Diab, Raymond Bonneau, Michael Oechsel, Mark Lawler, David Goltz, Ernest Sponzilli, and Robert Teasdale
  • Otolaryngology: Romeo Agbayani, Winthrop Hall and Kambridge Hribar.
  • Pain and Addition: Timothy Dawson
  • Pathology: Paul Wasserstein
  • Pediatric Cardiology: Paul Stanger
  • Pediatrics: Anjuli Basu, Nelson Branco, Eric Scher, Kathryn Sexton, Sareena Jaspal, Rachel Bauer, Jane Meill, Katrina Urbach, Sally Sehring, Julie Bokser, Susan Dab, Erin Heath, Jan Maisel, Donald Pyskaty, Sarabenet Sequeira, Tareq El Qousy, Martin Joffe, Camille Brown, Kathryn Meier, Michael Yamaguchi, Albert Goldberg, Cindy Greenberg, Elizabeth Lowe, Suzanne Christie, Uta Kerl, Kara Ornstein, David Rowitch and Thomas Shimotake
  • Physiatry: Deborah Doherty and Alex Barchuk
  • Plastic Surgery: Yngvar Hvistendahl, Cynthia Goodman, Roland Minami, Khashayar Mohebali, Terry Hand, Stanley Poulos, Gabriel M. Kind, Tancredi D'Amore and Keith Denkler
  • Podiatry: Anthony Fedrigo, Mark Drucker, Jeffrey Amen, Russell Davis, James Dietz and James Robison
  • Psychiatry: Adrienne Fratini and Scott Barshack
  • Radiation Oncology: Joseph Poen and Francine Halberg
  • Rheumatology: Joan Campagna and Peter Stein
  • General Surgery: Mohammed Sakhireh, Ann Vercoutere, Crystine Lee, Edward Alfrey, Cheryl Ewing, Mark Peterson, Jennifer Zakhireh and Michael Bozuk
  • Thoracic Surgery: Keith Korver and Peter Anastassiou
  • Urology: Patrick Bennett, Gary Grossfeld, Harry Neuwirth, Bart Gershbein and Peter Bretan
  • Vascular Surgery: Laura Pak