Mammography at MarinHealth

Finding small breast cancers early greatly improves the chance for successful treatment. The best screening technology for breast cancer is mammography, which uses low-energy X-rays to examine the human breast.

  • Screening mammograms are used as part of preventive care to detect tumors too small to be felt manually
  • Diagnostic mammograms are a follow-up on suspicious results from a screening mammogram or manual exam
  • Imaging is our most powerful diagnostic tool for identifying breast tumors or irregularities early, while they are tiny and easy to treat. Effective early detection requires:
  • High quality detailed 2D scans, regardless of breast size or density, with the lowest level of radiation
  • Computer-assisted diagnosis, which enables radiologists to find up to 65% more invasive cancers compared to 2D alone. With computer-assisted diagnosis, radiologists can zoom in on an image and examine small areas of breast tissue. We use computer-assisted diagnosis for all mammograms and our excellent detection rates are on a par with those of top university hospitals.

Hologic® Clarity HD and Intelligent 2D™ Imaging Technology

For more detailed imaging, doctors often supplement 2D mammogram with a second scan using advanced 3D tomography.

As of 2022, this is no longer necessary, thanks to our acquisition of Hologic® Clarity HD and Intelligent 2D™ Imaging Technology. This advanced mammography software allows the Breast Health Center to merge the best of 2D and high- definition 3D mammography in a single procedure, resulting in:

  • Earlier detection
  • Clearer, more specific visualization
  • Fewer callbacks
  • Rapid, high-resolution scans for faster screening and analysis
  • Improved detection of subtle lesions and fine calcifications
  • Reduced exposure to radiation from multiples scans
  • Fewer false positives and unnecessary biopsies for patients
  • Enhanced ability to diagnose challenging cases

For more information about mammography at MarinHealth, take a few minutes to browse our Mammography FAQ.

More Comfortable Mammograms

Many women say fear of pain or discomfort is the reason they have never had a mammogram. A typical mammogram squeezes breast tissue between two flat panels, and the compression and pinching can be unpleasant. As part of our commitment to ensuring that women in our community have regular mammograms, MarinHealth acquired the Hologic® SmartCurve™ Breast Stabilization System, the first mammogram equipment designed to mimic the natural contour of the female breast. More than 90% of women surveyed reported increased comfort during mammography with SmartCurve paddles, which distribute pressure evenly across the breast to eliminate that “squeezed” sensation. SmartCurve Advantages include:

  • Less discomfort for patients
  • Greater compliance scheduling doctor-recommended mammograms
  • Increased early detection of small breast abnormalities, at a stage when they can be most successfully addressed
  • Easier process for the medical technician

The Power of Philanthropy

It’s thanks to the generosity of our donors that our Breast Health Center is now equipped with Hologic® Clarity HD and Intelligent 2D™ Imaging Technology and the Hologic® SmartCurve™ Breast Stabilization System. These upgrades will have a direct impact on the health of North Bay women, and we are grateful to all who contributed.

The USPSTF Guideline Debate

Women deserve access to mammograms every year beginning at the age of 40, that’s why many US Senators, Representatives, and physicians have shared their concern of the proposed USPSTF guidelines.

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Annual mammography starting at age 40 is recommended by:

  • The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • The American College of Surgeons
  • The American College of Radiology
  • The National Comprehensive Cancer Network
  • The Society of Breast Imaging
  • The Breast Health team at MarinHealth

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