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To learn more or schedule an appointment with a Primary Care or Specialty Care Provider, call 1-888-MARINHC (1-888-627-4642).

Primary Care Availability
Due to overwhelming demand, many of our primary care physicians are experiencing longer than usual delays in scheduling an appointment for new patients.

If you want to see a primary care provider sooner, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. They work directly with a doctor and can extend a care plan with oversight of a supervising physician. They diagnose and treat acute conditions, order diagnostic tests like x-rays or lab work, write prescriptions, and provide education, follow-up, and timelier access to care. To learn more, call: 1-888-627-4642.

Many healthcare systems nationwide are experiencing shortfalls of primary care providers, including MarinHealth. Learn more about the causes and solutions.

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