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Social Connection: The Key to Aging Well

How the lack of social connection increases the likelihood of dementia, anxiety,
high blood pressure and more, and how you can take control of your health as you age

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According to Medicare Advantage, isolation among
older adults is one of the biggest threats to the health
of America’s seniors, while it remains among the most
difficult to recognize. It’s a health risk not often
discussed, but at least a quarter of adults over 65
live with it. And its devastating effects can be felt
physically, mentally and emotionally.

There are many factors that determine our overall
health, including genetics, access to healthcare, and
social factors. In this seminar, we will define the Social
Determinants of Health, with a focus on isolation and
loneliness, why this term has become a buzzword in
medical circles, and why they’re vitally important to
your health as you age.

Featured Speakers

Joe O’Hehir, CEO

Lisa Santora MD, Deputy Health Officer
Marin Department of Health and Human Services

About Our Community Health Seminar Series

Marin Healthcare District’s Community Health Seminar
Series offers periodic educational forums for the Marin
community on relevant health-related issues.

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