Pathways/Postpartum Support Group Autumn - Series II

About This Event

In this six-week series, women going through the early stages of having a new baby will gather to share their experiences and support one another, as well as learn ways to help ease the challenges that you may experience during this time. This class is open to all, whether it's your first child or your fifth, and regardless of where you delivered your baby. It is facilitated by a licensed therapist specializing in perinatal wellness.

In this group, moms will:

  • Learn about postpartum mood issues, from “baby blues” to worry, irritability, sadness, anxiety, and other emotional challenges
  • Examine identity shifts from pre- to post-baby life
  • Explore changes in marital/partner relationships when a new baby arrives
  • Develop relaxation and self-care tools
  • Cultivate healthy, realistic expectations for yourself
  • Explore childcare and/or return to work concerns

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Learn More

Listen to our podcast, as Gina Borelli Moore, MFT, discusses perinatal mood issues and how to tell when symptoms evolve into something worrisome for new moms and their families. Gina also discusses Pathways, the new mother support group she runs for MarinHealth Medical Center.

Facilitated by Katharine Hatch, PhD

  • Registration Cost: $150.00
  • Call 1-888-996-9644 to register