Meet the Midwives (Virtual)

About This Event

MarinHealth is proud to offer midwifery services during your pregnancy and birth.

Midwives trust women and trust birth. Midwifery care is individualized, emphatic, and evidenced-based. By empowering women with knowledge, midwives encourage shared decision making, a model of care in which women are active participants, not mere recipients, of care. Midwives individualized oversight instills in women a sense of confidence and calm during pregnancy and birth, all the while ensuring the safety of mom and baby.

To support the normal physiological process of birth, midwives encourage eating, drinking, freedom of movement during labor, birthing in whatever position a mother chooses, and skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby. Our midwives recognize that each labor is unique, has its own rhythm, and unfolds in its own time. Allowing for these differences help us achieve high rates of vaginal deliveries and lowers our cesarean section rate.

Midwives are available for your prenatal, gynecological, postpartum, and birthing needs.

Zoom Information:

  • Registration Cost: Free
  • For more information call: Mary Newberry, CNM, Co-Lead of MarinHealth, Midwifery Services, at 1-415-842-5107.