Marin General Hospital Lauds its Exceptional Volunteers

Marin General Hospital Lauds its Exceptional Volunteers

GREENBRAE, CA — Marin General Hospital's volunteers deliver help, hope, comfort, and entertainment to patients and staff alike. National Volunteer Week gives us the opportunity to salute all of our volunteers and thank them for their service. Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and thank all of our volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice, and support to the Marin General Hospital community.

“We cannot thank our volunteers enough for their commitment and service”, says Lee Domanico, Chief Executive Officer of Marin General Hospital. "Volunteering is part of our identity in which we embrace a spirit of community and we simply could not operate without them. They bring joy to our patients all around the hospital.”

Marin General Hospital’s 241 active volunteers donated 24,065 hours in 2017. They work in and at the Gift Gallery, Radiology, Intensive Care Unit, and many other areas throughout the hospital, greeting patients and visitors, delivering flowers and gifts, and taking care of simple tasks so nurses and staff have more time to attend to patients. The total number of volunteer hours contributed to date is nearly 2,800,000 hours.

Our volunteer workforce includes men, women, and teens ranging in age from 16 to over 80 years old, and many have been donating their time and energy to Marin General Hospital for decades. Mikailah Ives, a high-school senior, has volunteered more than 249 hours at Marin General Hospital, and is often the first face that visitors see at the front desk on Saturdays. She looks forward to a career in nursing. Roselyn Posin, from San Rafael, started volunteering in 2011, served as Volunteer Board President in 2017, and now has 2,655 volunteer hours. She spends much of her time working in the Gift Gallery and is an active member of the Scholarship Committee.

Volunteering at Marin General Hospital is a terrific way to express your appreciation for our community. Each volunteer makes a significant impact in our Marin General community.

For further information about volunteer opportunities, visit our volunteer page.