Marin Cardiologist Honored as Recipient of the 2015 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards

Marin Cardiologist Honored as Recipient of the 2015 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards

GREENBRAE, CA — Brian Keeffe, MD, cardiologist at Cardiovascular Center of Marin, an affiliate of the Marin Healthcare District and Marin General Hospital, has been named a recipient of Microsoft Corp.’s 2015 Health Innovation Awards.

The awards recognize the innovative use in the clinical setting of Microsoft devices and services which enhance the quality of patient care, improve clinician productivity and electronic medical record (EMR) optimization, and streamline clinical and business processes.

A physician adviser in the development of software maker Allscripts electronic health record (EHR) for use on mobile devices, Dr. Keeffe began testing and evaluating the application on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet device, offering ideas for how to make the tablet as physician-user friendly as possible. Moving from being one of the device’s early adopters, today he is enthusiastic user of the lightweight, portable device while seeing patients in his practice or during rounds at the hospital.

According to Dr. Keeffe, using the device has not only enabled him to be more efficient in his practice, but also to provide better patient care.

“Everything I need to treat the patient is right at hand, in real time,” he says. “Just while holding it or resting it in my lap, I can pull up cardiology imaging studies, look at telemetry readings, or refer to a patient’s medical history. With the power of a laptop and the ease and convenience of a tablet, the device has become revolutionary for me in providing patient care.”

“We applaud Dr. Keeffe and all the winners of this award,” says Lee Domanico, CEO, Marin General Hospital. “Their work in creating these innovative and breakthrough solutions helps us all – hospitals and physicians – to make a real impact on health care.”

Nominations for the applications of Microsoft technology in health care were submitted by hospitals, health systems, clinics, and public and private health organizations. Recipients will be highlighted on the Microsoft website at and on the Microsoft in Health blog at