Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Department at MarinHealth is an interfaith, non-sectarian program which offers emotional and spiritual support for patients, their families, and friends, regardless of beliefs or religious affiliation. Patients do not need to be part of a faith or spiritual community to call or be referred to a chaplain.

Regardless of our faith or personal belief system, we all experience times when we need comfort and spiritual support. We hope you know that staff members can look to our chaplains for compassion and solace when experiencing anxiety, fear, grief, or loss. Our chaplains are happy to see anyone, regardless of faith tradition or lack thereof. They work closely with the Palliative Care team and are members of the Bioethics Committee.


  • MarinHealth® chaplains provide a variety of services, both personal and practical:
  • Support during crises when patients and loved ones are in need
  • Comfort and strength through prayer and sacraments
  • Referrals for patients seeking emotional and spiritual resources
  • Counseling and support for hospital staff
  • Contacting community clergy at the request of patients and their loved ones
  • Arranging for a Catholic priest to provide Last Rites
  • Help completing forms, including Body Release forms, Advanced Health Care Directives (AHCD), and Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST). (Please note that as hospital employees, we cannot witness AHCDs. We are happy to provide 24-hour notary information.)

Contact us at 1-415-925-7147*, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
*After hours contact the hospital operator: 1-415-925-7000 for the on-call chaplain.