The Spine & Brain Programs’s relationship with UCSF Neurosurgery puts MarinHealth in a position to stay on top of rapidly evolving developments in brain surgery. UCSF neurosurgeons perform surgery for a variety of brain disorders, right here at MarinHealth. They employ all the same techniques and technologies that they use at UCSF, including stereotactic 3D image-guided surgery, surgical microscopy, and endoscopy. Our brain surgery program covers the following:

  • Surgery for malignant and benign brain tumors
  • Hydrocephalus surgery
  • Emergency surgery for traumatic brain injuries and strokes
  • “Keyhole” surgery, incorporating minimally invasive techniques
  • Craniocervical disorders

Meet Our Specialists

Our board-certified neurosurgeons have received specialized and/or fellowship training in specific procedures. Our board-certified anesthesiologists have special experience in orthopedic anesthesia for both planned and emergency surgeries. Use our Physician Finder to learn more about our spinal surgeons.