Mindy Zimmerman, CLT,BTCMB,CMT

Mindy Zimmerman CLT,BTCMB,CMT
About Provider

Over the years as a massage therapist trained in many different techniques, I developed my own style focusing on three levels of the body; lymphatic, muscular and skeletal. Sometime touch is all that is needed to change our breath and reduce stress we hold. My focus is on quieting the nervous system and activating the Golgi tendon organ proprioceptors sending the signals to the muscles to relax. Reducing adrenaline levels also allow a greater sense of wellbeing for the body's natural immune system to activate.

My specialties are in problem solving body aches and pains, lymphatic drainage after injuries and surgeries, and jaw tension release for TMJ and neck pain. I am passionate about my work and helping people feel good in their body again. Thanks to MarinHealth, I have a place to work alongside an excellent team of integrative practitioners.

Primary Service
  • Massage Therapy
Board Certification
  • Complete Lymphedema Certification, CLT, Sebastian, FL - Academy of Lymphatic Studies
  • Certificate # 448245 - National Certificate Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body work
  • License # 14813 - California Massage Therapy Council
  • Alive & Well - Institute of Conscious Bodywork