Jordanna Glueckauf, MPH,CMT

Jordanna Glueckauf MPH,CMT
About Provider

Jordanna Glueckauf, MPH, CMT, first immersed herself in the study of massage therapy during her three years of residence at the Esalen Institute. She had the privilege of studying under several master practitioners who sparked her lifelong love affair with the simple yet profound benefits of hands-on healing. She went on to pursue advanced training in medical massage at UCSF’s Osher Center for Integrative medicine to support individuals with cancer, complex neurological issues, and other pathologies.

She draws on her over 3000 hours of continuing education and 9 years of hands-on experience to create a customized session to unwind patterns of tension and pain, and to promote a deep state of relaxation. Her intention is to bring her full and open-hearted presence to every session.

Primary Service
  • Massage Therapy