Adult After-Hours Clinic in Novato: Great Medical Care After Hours and on Weekends

Author: Irene Teper, MD, Internal Medicine and Medical Director
Adult After-Hours Clinic in Novato: Great Medical Care After Hours and on Weekends

Ramón A. Partida, MDMarinHealth Medical Network is pleased to offer our community the convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind that after hours medical services provide.

Based in Novato, our Adult After-Hours Clinic offers affordable, after hours care to adult patients on weeknights and weekends.

Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) is one of your best allies in guiding a healthy lifestyle. Most of us have experienced a time or two when we’ve wanted or needed to see our doctor for an illness but no appointments were available or the times did not fit in our busy schedules.

The Adult After-Hours Clinic is available for patients who:

  • Are suffering with a respiratory illness, a sore throat, worried about an ear infection, or experiencing an asthma flare up.
  • Think they may have a urinary tract infection or have a rash.
  • Need a physical or a doctor’s clearance for a job application but can’t easily get off work during the day for the appointment.
  • Have an urgent symptom and feel it can’t wait until they are able to see their PCP.

You should go to the Emergency Room if you:

  • Believe you have broken a bone(s).
  • Have an injury or symptom that will likely require stitches or X-rays.
  • Have chest pain – if you suspect a heart attack, call 911 immediately.
  • Have neurological symptoms and are worried about a possible stroke, call 911 immediately.

Physicians in our Clinic see patients and work collaboratively with Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. Patients are triaged to determine if an injury or illness requires further attention such as an X-ray or lab tests. Some issues can be resolved in one visit; for example, diagnosing a urinary tract infection, strep throat, or flu. Just as with a doctor visit during regular hours, patients will be referred to appropriate follow-up care if needed.

Patients who call for appointments can be seen the same day. Appointments can be made for another day if it is more convenient for the patient. To prevent waiting or exposure to sick patients, we encourage calling ahead; however, we will appropriately triage walk-ins and will not turn patients away.

Treatment summaries after a visit to the Adult After-Hours Clinic will be sent to patients’ PCPs; patients without a PCP will be treated and referred to a list of doctors in the area should they want or need to make an appointment for follow-up care.

We accept most insurances carried by Primary Care Physicians. Expect to pay the same co-pay that you pay when you see your PCP. If you do not have insurance, there is a cash pay option available at the time of service.

Here’s how to make an appointment at the Adult After-Hours Clinic.

  • During normal business hours, call your PCP’s office to make an appointment at the Adult After-Hours Clinic.
  • If you do not have a PCP or it is after hours, call the clinic directly at 1-415-925-8950.