Bone Density Scanning

DEXA Scans

Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, or DEXA, is a bone density test that uses a small amount of X-rays to measure how much calcium and other bone minerals are packed into an area of bone. The bones that are most commonly tested are in the spine, hip, and sometimes the forearm. If you have had any surgery in any of these areas please let the scheduler know as well as the technologist performing your examination.

This test determines if you are at risk of or have osteoporosis, a disease that naturally occurs as we age. Using this examination your physician can determine if you have bone loss and how it can best be curtailed.

What to Expect

DEXA is commonly done every two years or for patients who are over 65 or for those patients who need extra bone monitoring due to a pre-existing condition or illness. DEXA is an easy examination that requires very little preparation on the patient’s part.

For 24 hours before your DEXA scan please refrain from taking calcium. If you have had another imaging examination within the last 24 hours with contrast (injected or consumed), it is best to wait until that contrast is fully out of your system.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing with no zippers or buckles. You will be asked to remove all items from your pockets before the examination.

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