Mark Gillespie, PA-C

Mark Gillespie PA-C
About Provider

Mark Gillespie is a PA working in emergency and critical care. He grew up in the middle of nowhere northeastern Pennsylvania and went to college in Philadelphia (go birds!) at Temple University. If you have eaten a true south Philly cheese steak, Mark would like to know if you like yours "wiz-wit" or "without!"

Mark did most of his PA schooling and most of his initial training in various hospitals in the concrete jungle of New York City for over a decade. After the initial COVID=19 and quarantine wave, he moved to southern California for some sunshine and dry "fresh" air. Three years later, Mark found himself having moved up north to San Francisco to explore this unique city and its temperate climate.

Mark is passionate about traveling, exploring, hiking, and rock climbing... also sleeping, as he states, "I never seem to get enough of that!" Mark would love to hear if you have any local hiking or day trip recommendations! 

Medical Group
  • MarinHealth Medical Network
Primary Service
  • Critical Care
Medical School
  • St. John's University - Queens, NY
Professional Societies and Affiliations
Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM);American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)