Infant Care Series - D: Breastfeeding (Virtual)

About This Event

Taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), this class focuses on establishing breastfeeding and avoiding common nursing-related difficulties. Topics include:

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom and Baby
  • Establishing Breastfeeding and Skin-to-Skin
  • Babies’ Cues, Latching On, Feeding Frequency
  • Breastfeeding Positions
  • Partner’s Role
  • Working Mothers and Pumping for Baby

The Infant Care Series can be taken on its own, but we recommend taking it together with the Childbirth Series (either the one-day Saturday or three Wednesday evenings option). We also offer a Value Package with a discounted rate for taking all of the classes.

The classes are offered in a series on Wednesday evenings. Full class details are listed below and registration is required.

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  • Registration Cost: $280.00
  • Call 1-888-996-9644 to register, or for more information