Marin General Hospital Installs New Street Sign to Honor Greenbrae Family for Ongoing, Outstanding Support

Marin General Hospital Installs New Street Sign to Honor Greenbrae Family for Ongoing, Outstanding Support

Schultz Memorial Drive recognizes historic contributions benefiting hospital and community

GREENBRAE, CA — Marin General Hospital today announced the installation of a new street sign honoring the Schultz family for their historic contributions to the hospital and Greenbrae community. Schultz Memorial Drive, which is located at the northern entrance to the hospital campus, was unveiled on May 19.

“The Schultz family has a tremendous connection to the history of Greenbrae and among many notable contributions provides unconditional support to Marin General Hospital and its patients,” said Lee Domanico, Chief Executive Officer, Marin General Hospital. “Their leadership and generous financial support over the years resonates throughout the hospital and this street sign is one way to honor all they have helped to achieve for the people of Marin.”

The Schultz family played a leading role in the development of Marin County. In the 1940s, Niels Schultz, alongside his father, built housing and a retail center in the area near Kentfield, which is known as Greenbrae.

Before his death in 2008, Niels Schultz was a long-standing chairman (1988 – 1993) of the Marin General Hospital Board of Directors (then known as Marin Healthcare Systems Board of Directors), where he advocated for advancements in the hospital’s technology, operations, and facility development.

Mrs. Mary Barbara Schultz, the wife of Niels Schultz, proudly serves as one of the honorary co-chairs of the hospital’s current Capital Campaign. Their daughter Andrea Schultz continues to contribute to the family’s legacy of leadership at the hospital. In April 2015, Andrea Schultz joined the Marin General Hospital Board of Directors and also serves as the Chair of the Marin General Hospital Foundation Board of Directors.

“On behalf of my entire family, we are humbled by this thoughtful gesture from the hospital,” Andrea Schultz said. “We continue to recognize how important Marin General Hospital is to the health and wellbeing of Marin County and are honored to be a part of this community.”

In addition to their ongoing leadership, the Schultz family has provided generous financial support to the hospital. Most recently, the Schultz family has stepped forward with a leadership gift to the hospital’s ongoing Capital Campaign for the building of the new Marin General Hospital – MGH 2.0; and in 2011 made a gift of $2.89 million to fund upgrades to the hospital’s emergency department (ED). The project expanded the patient triage area in the ED, as well as upgraded the CT scanner and MRI system, to enhance the speed and efficiency in the delivery of care.

The Schultz family has made multiple contributions benefiting Marin General Hospital’s family birth center, breast health center, Cancer Institute, and more.