CEO Of Marin General Hospital Calls Decision Upholding The Affordable Care Act A Major Step Toward Addressing Healthcare System Problems

GREENBRAE, CA — Marin General Hospital CEO Lee Domanico responded to today's Supreme Court decision upholding Affordable Care Act (ACA) by saying, "The Supreme Court has paved the way for 30 million uninsured Americans to obtain health care coverage, a major step toward addressing the problems currently afflicting our healthcare system."

"Not only at Marin General, but at hospitals nationwide, the ACA will significantly reduce the provision of care to the uninsured," Domanico said. "There will be fewer uninsured people, which will result in a significant decrease in the amount of charity care delivered. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act will free up resources and help bring down overall costs. That means we can put greater focus on the other stated goals of the ACA: Improving the quality of care and improving the patient experience."

Domanico said Marin General Hospital has worked hard over the past 24 months to strengthen its relationship with local physicians and to recruit new physicians to the community. "This will ensure that the residents of Marin County-those who have and those who will have health insurance coverage will have access to high-quality care right here where they live," he said. "We've also invested in ensuring that our hospital meets the highest standards for such services as cancer, stroke, heart, and trauma, among others."

Domanico also pointed to the new relationships with UCSF, Sonoma Valley Hospital, and Palm Drive Hospital, all achieved in the past year. "This results in all four hospitals being better positioned to implement health care reform in the years ahead," he said.

"The Affordable Care Act is the most significant change in healthcare since the creation of Medicare," Domanico stated. "We look forward to working with our physicians, nurses and community leaders to implement the ACA in a way that brings the greatest benefits to the citizens of Marin."