COVID-19 Food Donation Guidelines

  • No homemade products may be accepted
  • All prepared food donations must come from commercial establishments with valid health inspections on file with County of Marin
  • Perishable items (hot or cold) must be pre-portioned, prepackaged, labeled with ingredients, a current expiration date and be temperature controlled (per Marin County Health Department)
  • Individuals may donate non-perishable, prepackaged items from commercial facilities (kitchens or factories) labeled with an expiration date
  • No expired food donations will be accepted at any time
  • All donations are subject to refusal if determined to be inappropriate or unsafe in any way. If labels or seals appear torn, broken, tampered with or missing, donation will be declined
  • Food delivery person must not appear to have any illness. If vehicle does not appear to be clean donation may be refused

Please note: We are unable to accept any food donations that do not follow these guidelines or without making prior arrangements.