Guided Meditation (Virtual)

About This Event

On Mondays, join Corliss Chan, CMT as she leads us through virtual guided meditations, designed for those looking to improve their overall sense of well-being.


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  • August 2nd – New beginnings – Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? What have you dreamed of? Our meditation helps us develop the road map and tools.

  • August 9th – Keys to Good Health – Imagine finding keys that help open doors that lead us to experiencing good health. The search for those keys begins within. Join us as we explore.

  • August 16th – Sailing through life – Imagine seeing yourself at the helm of a sailboat. As you travel to your destination there are cool breezes and calm waters. Where will you go?

  • August 23rd – Chakra cleansing and balancing – The chakras were first identified in ancient India as the body’s energy centers through which the life force flows. The chakras can help us maintain physical health, emotional stability, and mental clarity.

  • August 30th – Immune system odyssey – We embark on a journey through our immune system. We touch our body’s healing forces with our mind. Our immune system is a miracle of persistent warriors within that guard us from disease, injury, and invasions.

Previous Meditation Sessions:

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