Guided Meditation (Virtual)

About This Event

On Mondays, join Corliss Chan, CMT as she leads us through virtual guided meditations, designed for those looking to improve their overall sense of well-being.


Join the our virtual weekly meditation sessions, via this link:


  • May 3rdFlowing with Life – Life has highs and lows, harsh and gentle times. Our meditation creates an atmosphere where we look at letting go of situations beyond our control and accept the transitory nature of all things in life.

  • May 10th Let’s Play – Our meditation helps us contact our playful self. We set aside our responsibilities and reconnect freely with our creative, energetic selves.

  • May 17thHome – Imagine a place where you feel at home and can be yourself. What does it look like? How do you feel being there? Deep relaxation fills your ideal home.

  • May 24thClimbing the Mountain – As you climb the mountain, leave behind what no longer works or is needed. Is there a behavior, a way of thinking, or objects you can let go of to climb to new heights in life?

  • May 31stHoliday. No class.

Previous Meditation Sessions:

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