Standing in Solidarity Against Racism

Author: Lee Domanico, CEO

As tensions mount over the events of the last few weeks, we feel compelled to express our sentiments and publicly reinforce our stance on equality. There is no question that this is an incredibly challenging time for our world, our country, and our communities. The compounding pressures of the Coronavirus pandemic, sheltering in place, unemployment, and uncertainty are taking their toll on us all. But seeing the senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent anger, sorrow and outrage it sparked nationwide is heartbreaking. The question now is how we respond individually, and as an organization, to the ongoing racism aimed at all people of color, but largely at black community members.

Here at MarinHealth, we think of ourselves as family, working together for the common good, serving the public, caring for patients. But families take care of each other. And now, more than ever, we are uniting to support our black community. While Marin is largely insulated from the drama we see unfolding in cities across the Bay Area, and the U.S., the events taking place are no less impactful for our black community. The pandemic has hit minority populations harder, and that pain is only aggravated by events like these. We grieve for the inequalities, the violence, and the pain. And we stand firm and clear in our resolve to denounce racism, both overt and subtle.

Here at MarinHealth, we work diligently to preserve all lives, but all lives are not under the assault that African Americans have endured for far too long. Let’s take a moment to reflect, and recognize that we must do more than feel bad. We must speak up. Act appropriately. Lend a hand, or an ear. And recognize our own potential biases as we watch from a “safe” distance. No one is safe when racism runs rampant. We must fight it with everything we have. We applaud all who make their feelings known, peacefully and respectfully, as they support black colleagues, friends, family, community members today and everyday.

In good health,

Lee Domanico
Chief Executive Officer